Aided by the development of unicamente female vacation increasing, practical question is happen to be Ecuador protected?

Aided by the development of unicamente female vacation increasing, practical <a href="">dating belgium</a> question is happen to be Ecuador protected?

is a type of one of feminine people.

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The short answer is: Yes! Ecuador was a secure place to go for solo women tourists. Actually, its more than just safer. Its invigorating, it’s stunning, economical and fun. With best minimal Spanish, there is your way for this varied country and then we assure youll earn some company in the process.

That said, whenever was safety not a concern?

Even in their hometown, discover most likely specific security safety measures you adopt when you are down for a run or even to a nightclub. Truth be told, you’ll find horror stories about everywhere worldwide, and Ecuador is not any exemption.

We wont sugar-coat it: Ecuador is not crime-free, but that doesnt mean it is unsafe for vacation.

Why is unicamente feminine touring so popular?

Despite the expected protection probability of touring by yourself, females constitute over fifty percent for the worlds unicamente visitors.

Per a survey done by solamente tourist community, there are some the explanation why lady traveling alone above people, such as: women are considerably adventurous, more comfortable getting alone and because taking a trip by yourself supplies respite from the restrictions and expectations that ladies may encounter.

Solitary travel try challenging, whichs the reason why it is rewarding. Deciding on the best destination and schedule involves a bit of research, plus in learning how to plan and trust their intuition about people and situations, in addition build self esteem.

When youre taking a trip worldwide, theres the other obstacle of perhaps not speaking the words or knowing the right path around. Beating these challenges and experiencing the various other worldliness of a destination is what makes taking a trip beneficial.

For solamente feminine travelers, touring enhances independence, esteem, and a sense of adventure.

Tips for remaining safer as a solo female tourist in Ecuador

To reduce the potential for discovering your self in a risky or uneasy circumstance, listed below are a number of safety tips we build particularly for the unicamente feminine tourist in Ecuador:

Strategy ahead

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You wont manage to plan every single part of your trip and, in reality, you ought tont! Spontaneity and versatility are very important aspects of adventure. However, for several legs of your journey, its smart to prepare ahead.

Showing up to Ecuador

Arrival to a different nation is frequently the absolute most exhilarating, and intimidating, element of your trip. it is whenever youre many disoriented and, for that reason, susceptible. Before departing, make certain you curently have a space lined up at a hostel and understand how to get there from airport (or perhaps need step-by-step guidelines).

This is particularly true whenever youre traveling into Ecuador since many routes, specially from US, appear late at night as soon as the urban area might look like a ghost area!

If youre traveling into either Quitos Mariscal Sucre International Airport or Guayaquils Jose Joaquin de Olmedo airport terminal, there’ll be a type of subscribed airport taxis beyond your Arrivals location. In Quito, theyll charge a fee $25 to elevates to your hostel inside the area and in Guayaquil, $6-10. Instead, you can book a transfer online early.

Keep your hostels contact information (cell phone numbers and address) useful in case your taxi cab drivers becomes lost and requirements particular information. A screenshot for the hostels place may also assist as you is almost certainly not in a position to connect with the online world right away. Also to get involved in it safer, jot contact details as well as other relevant facts upon papers, if the phone dies.

Touring around Ecuador

Before arriving in Ecuador, decide on your favorite means of transport according to your budget together with safety precautions you need to take.

A massive perk to traveling in Ecuador would be that it is economical, and this enforce specifically to making use of public transit. Public transportation here’s inexpensive .

But tends to be a hassle to find out deviation days, routes, and undoubtedly general public coach terminals tend to be notoriously unsafe locations for visitors. Petty crime abounds both in the terminal along with the coach itself and you’ve got to keep a watchful eye on your own that belong from start to finish.

A much reliable, and convenient alternate is the Wanderbus. The Wanderbus is perfect for unicamente women visitors in Ecuador ever since the select up/drop off locations are centrally located, you share the shuttle with several like-minded visitors, and techniques is obtainable to grant all about hostels, dining and more.

Wanderbus supplies many moves into most wanted places in the united kingdom, plus the best benefit is it is a flexible strategy to travel since you can hop on and off once you including. Have a look at the the passes right here.


At some time on your own excursion, youll most likely need to take a cab. Unfortunately, you cant only seize any cab from the street inside bigger places, regardless of if youre with family. The best approach to finding a taxi is by using either Cabify or Uber. Youll must have the app on the cellphone, an approach of cost create (charge card) and a connection to the internet.

Ensure you download along with within the app before touring since confirmation procedures might require a functional phone number.