We’d want to try & obtain it working for you

We’d want to try & obtain it working for you

Hi Benjamina€“ you are not lacking anythinga€“that’s all that’s needed. It may sound just like your screens Computer might not be identifying the style. Will it become a drive page once you put they in? Do you know how its formatted (HFS+, APFS, exFAT, FAT32, some other)?

Hi Rick. Thanks for answering. I have a a€?TOSHIBA EXT (D:)a€? message as I connect around. I have no idea the way it’s formatted. How do I figure out that ? Please advise. Ben

Hey Rick. Be sure to reply to my personal 1/ article. Normally, I’m going to need come back my personal Toshiba Drive and request a refund for downloading your product or service. Btw, while I copied overall my personal new iphone images and videos toward Toshiba outside drive, it calculated just how many photographs and films had been duplicated. But when we appeared up the the drive back at my Computer, there clearly was just bare area from inside the drive.

You will find not too long ago started an internet site, the info you incorporate with this site features aided me greatly. Thanks for your opportunity & services.

Will not recognize any drive. Bus operated Mercury professional professional duo, nor with a pocket sandisc SSD drive. Will likely not run if attached to cell directly or via a 2017 MacBook professional. Purchased the camera 3 fruit adapter. software will not accept any drive in any combination of connection. I’d like my personal money-back.

I realize your own frustration

Disappointed to know it’s not working! * have you been with the super to USB 3 Camera Adapter (with the extra super interface)? If so, be sure to attempt linking the drive towards the telephone with the adapter, and hook a powered Lightning cable to the additional slot on the adaptor. * Have you got a drive having its own power that one can sample? Often, even with any additional power from the adaptor, mobile devices just don’t result sufficient electricity for disks.

But if you wish to move ahead, I understand. Fruit help will allow you to aided by the reimbursement (do not have access to Fruit’s repayment systems or background).

I have linked my personal new iphone 4 11 plus whenever described together with the $40 fruit cam usb3 adapter and sandisc serious ssd drive just isn’t acquiesced by the application. Used my newer $1200 owc Mercury elite group pro duo drive and that is perhaps not recognized. Thus I attempted a an iPhone 8 and exact same issue. Just what’s with your software. It will not run.

Regrettably, it isn’t really a problem with the appa€“it feels like your mobile may not be offering sufficient capacity to the additional product. Duplicate That connects with attached disks, but it is as much as iOS alone to execute disk popularity and link.

Likea€“you’ll discover a similar experiences by using the built-in data software in an attempt to access the disk. If your disk comes up from inside the data files app, it ought to make use of duplicate That. Whether it doesn’t appear South Bend IN escort into the data application, after that content which will be struggling to think it is.

My best advice is to use a drive with its own power, and hook it up into the cell using the super to USB 3 Camera adaptor (while promoting higher power to the phone through the additional Lightning port).

I wanted to replicate one videos file, nevertheless when I identify Photos/Videos, they tried to copy every one of the films, and I exceeded my personal iCloud allotment. Can there be maybe not a method (age.g., thru Files) to restrict which movies were copied?

And the usb to usb c apple adapter an such like

Duplicate That is designed for bulk copyinga€“there’s presently maybe not an effective way to replicate one videos (although which is on all of our list for prospective future improvements).